Physical Therapy

While regenerative medicine offers cutting-edge methods to help the body heal and restore, we find it often works best when used in a multidisciplinary approach that includes physical therapy as a cornerstone of recovery. It’s this combined therapy that creates a synergy which can improve results versus using only one type of method. We believe this is a key for stem cells and platelet rich plasma to grow and repair new tissue as quickly as possible.

How is physical therapy used at IMAC Regeneration?

Our team starts by collaboratively building a personalized physical therapy treatment plan designed to promote mobility and function. With a customized combination of appropriate rest, biomechanical loading and tissue mobilization, our physical therapists work with each patient towards the best possible outcome without pain medication or surgery.

Taking patient care further.

At IMAC Regeneration Centers, doctors of different disciplines all collaborate together under one roof. It’s what makes our integrated medical clinic not only convenient, but also unique.  Our specialized combination of care, utilizing the body’s natural ability to heal injury and reverse disease, allows you to get back to the life you deserve quickly and without surgery or dependence on pain medication.

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